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Dear reader:

As we kick off 2020, the state of proteins has become a major topic within the food industry. Better-for-you eating continues to make major headlines and many firms, including established meat processing firms, appear to be expressing interest in plant-based meats.

Our white paper on plant-based proteins examines the emergence, outlook, and impact of plant-based meat in the United States.*

Key topics and data points included in this report include:

-Market sizes and projections for plant-based meat through 2030, including foodservice and retail shares.

-Potential limitations and barriers affecting plant-based meat.

-What product, branding, and channel strategies may offer the most opportunity for plant-based meat.

*Note: this report does not account for the potential emergence of lab-grown meats. These products may alter the trajectory of both plant-based and animal-based meats depending on future developments.


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